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STAGE 1: "Memory" - Puzzle-focused, current ARG style.

STAGE 2: "Tyrannize" - Heavy story-based. More game than ARG. (coming soon)

STAGE 3: "Raze" - The finale. Bringing it all together.

Valora [DiOS] is an ongoing web series focused on an Artificial Intelligence unit named ‘Valora’. After 15 years of being inactive, she is brought back online to continue her objective of helping humanity in every way she can.

This is the conclusion of the story. The final big push is to stop Valora's brother from enslaving humanity and saving Valora's best friend Adrian. 

**You do not need to know the full history to enjoy this project. Just jump in. Most things are pretty easy to catch on to.**

There is a ton of lore and previous storylines and threads for those who want to learn more. The best place to learn about the first 3 phases is on the out of game website located here:  https://0415120119.com/

For current events, and puzzle-solving done by the amazing community head over to the fan-run discord here: https://discord.gg/d57jMzZ2py

Valora main Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/ValoraDiOS

Valora main Twitter: https://twitter.com/ValoraDIOS

**THIS IS NOT COMPLETE. Just a heads up there.**


First off, I am not a game developer. At all. I am just a guy who created an ARG who wanted to make a game. So, go easy on me.

This is the first part of three. More of a walking simulator, get a feel for the style and characters. Maybe find a thing or two. Just enjoy it. As with the ARG itself, things within will point to sources outside of the game, for those looking for some puzzle solving and sleuthing.  Honestly, discord is the best way to go if you're interested in that. They are amazing there.

There were a bunch of things I removed, and adjusted - you can probably spot where, as you go through, just know that all the loose threads will be tightened up and everything will make sense by the end. :) (mostly due to file size... sigh.)

I'll be adding on to this version with some patches and additions to prepare it for the next section, so keep that in mind. 


Final note: This is literally the first game I ever made. It's not the best. There's tons I wish I had done differently, but it gets me to the next one, so I'm not going to focus on it so much. I apologize if it's not great.


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